Thursday, 17 March 2016

22 Lossage, ix

I have experienced hundreds of hours-
And the thousands of seconds in,
Just believing beauties are the lair.
On it, the days went on my believes
As it proves me by thousand of reasons.
First the beauty i consider as Young and-
The clean face, white nature, and slim figure,
Certainly i spent loving on it much years and my age-
But separation and meeting time of nature,
changes us in pole. Clean face has a nature-
to occur volcano, pipe line when ages steps on,
whiteness to black when sun loves more on white.
And the tall becoming shorter when stick starts-
Helping with its sympathy on us, And these are,
the beauties of our cocoon mind we believe in.
Nevertheless of all, your beauties like wonders like
The narrow curly hair the art drawn by cloud-
your round composite pinky face, like a dream moon of -
Bhutanese calendar, shone on Bhutanese night.
Love by all and the greatest artist like cloud never dies,
even the moon will shine though it misses some nights
so you! home of my hustle heart for my perpetual love.