Thursday, 3 March 2016

22 Lossage, v

I have a wings, but without feathers
Though i try to grow it
i consider it as a distance process
Not because i hate to nurture it and,
not due, of the lack in courage of touching sky
But i am tried of doing it alone.
And these wings are the wings of my dream
which i caught on it i knew i was a dreamer.
But further it gives me a concentration of lives
So i knew i have a relation on its' subject and
That for the subject of my planing.
The wing i thought can loves as my home
the plan of my future dwelling.
Mixture of genders in open family relationship
but useless as wings without feathers.
As to have a dream of my own family
so i needed of someone, prophesied by love.
For the love of prophecy i have been waiting certainly-
seeing for the uncountable hours pilling on days
But when i saw you, law made me blessed at first,
Further by your beauty in kindness. as i compare- no one.
Resulting i have a mind of calling you as my feather.