Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 Lossage, xii

I have a dream, very big dream, the biggest from all.
Not a dream of desire to become the richest-or highest.
But the dream that leads to the happiest living,
Not by nurturing the sense i have-
As not by placing an importance to myself,
But by taking care of my neighbor with sympathy.
I have a dream inside my dream,
Nobody knows that dream still live in me,
And that dream, living from your meeting,
Not the dream of giving you the star nor a moon,
Not a dream of giving you a expensive jewelry-
Not even a dream of giving you, what i don't have,
 But the dream of giving you my only heart and trust,
To you, and building my hope with you.
I have nothing, extraordinary to give you,
Apart from my plan, Plan of making peace-
Plan of giving you everything i have,
Even the poorest i have in my fate-
No matter what i sense from you,
All i feel, just a sense of aroma of love, inside,
so shall we create the junction of love,
That walks together from the same date, {two:two:two}