Thursday, 17 March 2016

22 Lossage, viii

Education, the seed of all wealth, Gadget of the modern-
 -world. Cosmetic of the beauty-desire living,
Of course, the power of a post we are designate.
And the curse of all the sin we do "-blindly".
The world we live into our life-civilized-educated.
Not because we know, A, B, C, D,.........
Even not made by English we speaks,
But at least we knows to know writes the feelings.
Now the man has education-by-for,
even by certificate in years of schooling, or,
By marks, prestige , ranks and the recognition
But we miss the value on prove of education we have.
Nor the value doesn't have the proof to make prove.
The holder of the proof enjoying on the undefined joy,
May be on the beauties of this world-unknowingly-
But harming in the beauties of sides they play.
Apart these are their world in bed of their time.
Nonetheless, my Hero, you have no certificate-
That proves you are high in education by marks and related-
Certainly! the value you have on your living, (even the greatest)
It weights to be the confident of your least prove on education,
so never be afraid of the paper education they hold on their arms.