Wednesday, 13 April 2016

22 Lossage, xvii

I am the greatest walker,
on the road of every direction.
I walks in the endless direction
sometimes to the undefined destination
For education, for tour but mostly for fun.
Home is everywhere for me in odysseys,
Sometime a world ahead my journey.
Afar-admits nor behind my odysseys.
Mostly i takes my home with me,
Awaken myself to every place i reach
I am always with the home i create.
Peace, joy-like a heaven like home
Just the love-smile and rejuvenate in,
But where dose that love of home comes?
Inception, the day i saw you-
You made the best home for me,
safest shelter to be hidden from the zone,
And the zone we consider it as a dangerous.
Of course the lie as a write, am away by looks,
But the truth of shade is am around you,
Coming -going and seeing your steps of emotion,
And easiest i feel, thinking you, i am aye home.