Tuesday, 21 June 2016

22 Lossage xix

When did the history of love begin?
Does it after the money evolution?
Or can i believe after the wealth rise?
May be i can say for the power:
But the real meaning is aye secret,
Unknown to the lover who fallen in love.
Thousand years the history may go back;
will never find the accord of love starts,
And so, nobody wanted to focus on it.
Neither to take as an subject. we are careless.
Without the background we tend to participate,
Certainly love has: have on wealth.our era-
if failure: say on money, our love in beam,
Modern, now everything went so advance
From the heart we grow to live by the new
And the poor love may die in the power of:
Misunderstanding, divorce and great lost.
contemporary, the real i know of love is lost,
The power of love to help and understand,.
Its nature of care and sympathy by emotion
And its respect of own sovereignty and rights
So will i teach through the contain of lossage.