Wednesday, 22 June 2016

22 Lossage xx

The perfection of human life is to live,
Then should the live to be peace and happy
of course the way of love should be plain
And plain must be understood and studied well.
Thousand fall in love but not with the destiny to run
And lead the love to the ends of love in family,
But ends with the lost of virginity and its taste organs.
Millions dead were by love and countless of fights,
So how could the love make human live peace?
Should i go wrong to you, but i am right aye-
By saying love is a highway to the hell we make:
Love is a root to the fruit of egoism, greed and self,
And a seed of the root of fighting, killing and bloods.
Better than love one is the best- the best from bests.
And my philosophy just on the compassion.
The mercy of pain and joy for the brief-
Of sure the way of millions of greatness had gone,
Truly had been in love but understood the core meaning,
Of love is to give the feeling of sympathy to the opposite,
Pillar the way of courage in the opposite, the lover
Of course the respect of own rights and individualism,
And the concern, love should develop its empathy on its lover.