Thursday, 23 June 2016

22 Lossage, xxi

Love is the hardest subject if one can study
It can be a simple lesson if we listen to words
If one do a research it will be the longest chapter
If not, if one fall on it, it will be a pain, The pain.
The blood, The tears and the war zone. As known-
Love have a order, it have a sympathy and a rude.
Order, The likes and dislikes, it have accordingly
And the brightness of sympathy wouldn't be as long
Till the end of relationship by the death and fire and
Divorce and the law-everything have a potential
Potential to change by even a small word of mistake
when one analyse on it, it is hard to find-get-and see
And a simple to know with the practical one goes,
One day love, a day care, a day dates and another sex.
After and faith up, then the war, and as goes the pain.
For all, if knows love is a formula for happiness
That gives you a peace, but not for all as for blindly
When love builds way one must pillar with compassion.
In both happiness will be certain for peace,
The purest desire of live for life and the most for death.
Shall the understanding of love be with mercy And-
Shall lover like us be free of pain and rain of tears.