Thursday, 8 September 2016

How to improve my vocabulary to improve my spoken language.

"Using of vocabulary in the substitute of another word for the structure of vernacular is like the jewelleries wore by Celoperata during her Royal wedding". 
            Auth Sangay Tshewang.
The question on how to improve my vocabulary to improve my spoken language keep me in an awkward state of mind for numbers of years. I have encountered like this kind of questions in my mind with the contradiction of my own experience- my professional ability to create question but not in creating the answer, unless I did my own research with my resources. 

At the beginning it was my inconsistent  learning merely of wondering what to do or study.  Sometime I spent whole day trying to remember the sentences of my dialogues with friends and of a day events. What I await was all incomplete research on the question but my mind never put the hope of give up on it. So countless of hours on days and nights had showed me some hope of finding answer to the question.  But still vogue to pen the list.

Whatsoever I felt the urge to do research it and took the step forward on action. The key point was that by my research I had a hope of helping thousand of readers with solving the question of my same. So in doing action my research have varied my writing methods and speaking fluent. So I hope for same to my fellow readers.

1.  Introduction of the research concern;
For the thousand of years learning language has never been so easy like the learning of other topics. Although the experts has revealed learning of language as the single topic with composition of few alphabets, in it's vital touch, from the millions of years it has come as an infinite history. Nobody knows how the language come to the purpose of language. So in the study of thousands of subjects, if physics can be the king of subjects then the study of language can be the Queen of subjects. This compression is frequently being used by the linguistics while core touch of language is hard to unearth. So shall we consider the same. 

However if someone is looking for the trips for improving vocabulary weather to strength or broaden it for the personal growth of spoken language, first at the focus of self-it depends on the enthusiasm and commitment to learn regularly the new words. 
Of course the desire of improving the quality of spoken language depends on the usage of proper vocabularies but the question frequent here is how to improve on the usage of vocabularies memorability. 

2.  Why it is the concern;
So based on the difficulties of improving the usage of vocabularies and improvement on the sense of communication by spoken language, the concern i got to share together are; 
a) Improper usage of virtual meaning of vocabularies to the extend of grammatical order.
b) Improper pronunciation on the words then leads to the communication gap.
c) Unable to understand the words and its meaning in mid of conversation.
d) Unable to use the words in proper space and time.
e) Not able to spell. These are the few regular basis flaws creates by the endless of generation despite their concern and attitude on solving it. But the dreams are of experts. Although the few experts seems to use properly without all those mistakes and problems millions learners are glued with such mistakes unconditionally. 

3. Share the evidence that supports your concern. Why do you want your overcome.

For example to make an understanding more easy and convenient for both ends,  -by the thousands of people on the word receive, rhythm, sieve they spell "recive", "rymth" and "sive" respectively. Like wise in the frequent year backs a student of eight grade from Bhumthang dzongkhag has spelled the word water as "watar". Such concerns has been only a concern of how can we improve vocabularies on the other hand to improve spoken language? We are slowly losing the nature of taste in learning language.

So in support of my line researcher Randall S. Hansen has said;  " Only if you expand your knowledge and use of words you will be able to communicate more clearly and concisely like,  people will understand you more easily and increase the perception that you are intelligent person". So it is much important to spell the words in correct space and time to clear the message inside without confusion. 

So if it happens in all people while with conversation then the problem of miscommunication between the gap willl be very minimal. So however my research focused on it with the extended goal of endless time in my mind.

4. What literature has to say about such concern;
With my time on research I have kept the record of every possible answer to the question I come across and discussed among the friends. However possible literary answers to the improvement of the concerns are;
A.  Reading the books or articles.
B.  Listing every word you come across while reading. 
C.  Learning how to make sentence out of your new words.
D.  Write some articles using the vocabulary.
E.  Giving the time for conversation with friends.
F.  Checking the every phonetic  for every word. 
These are the few solutions to the vogue of my mind. Nevertheless my explanation will be as much as possible with information in later coverage. 

5. What is your research main questions and sub questions.
For these now, my key questions for the answer appeared are; 
A. Time and dedication. To improve the vocabularies and spoken language is the time and dedication are the right combination? Based on it I have done my research. 
B. Pronouncing and phonetic. Is phonetic the important thing to learn the vocabulary?
The answer I got was it is the mandatory.  
C. However writing, reading, talking and spelling in correct words are always been my priorities questions of the research.