Thursday, 8 September 2016

Practice of Bodhichhita.

If we examine carefully on what we do every minute of our living, we will find our lives rooted with the action of selfishness. You may do something for your selfless action of benefit, but in reality you are not free from the action of selfishness. Just to simplify- say it, if you are working for the construction of chorten, dzong, and any religious function ornament, though someone tends to work thinking my labour may help other but nobody is going to work for free till its completion. Because survival is most important on top accumulation of wealth is even in Greater importance for all livings.

 For today, what I want to focus is on practice of Bodhichhita for becoming bodhisattva. Every human even the smallest living creatures say like ant, worm, and bees- they desire to live in happy and peace, since in this Samsara being our ignorance on top of every action we take we never find the peace, though the peace is within ourselves. Nevertheless finding peace and happiness has always been one of the easiest finding the someone has found.  But only one who practice Bodhichhita with the combination of all three parts- body, mind and speech.

As a bodhisattva practicetionar we have to change the attitudes of thinking "i" and need not have to give more importance on it. In the focus of I,  one have to think "my body is the servant of my mind and I m the judge of my body and mind who can reveal the sin of both body and mind to the God of death". So bodhisattva should remember the practice of Bodhichhita. Which means to extend the mind to other creatures.
Buddhi refers to the extention and Chitta to the mind.  To sum up these two it means the extention of mind for other livings comparing ourselves as a centre of focus.

In the vital studies of Bodhichhita more importantly it focus on our mind. The practice of mind to tame in best attitudes. If we think on it, the room in our mind is sometimes so small that is even very difficult to accommodate ourselves inside it. It is difficult and also pitiful to think on the space of our mind. So we must expand our mind as bodhisattva does. Understanding on  need of happiness and peace is for all sentient beings like as we desire equally. By knowing happiness is important for you how dare can you ignore the happiness of other by being selfish?

In the deep touch of Bodhichhita practice
we must think all living creatures are equal, we must know and experience this by sharing the same suffering through sharing the sense of connectivity inside our mind. Nonetheless we all have the root of becoming the Buddha as the  little Buddha is inside our mind dwelling aye with us.

There are many things in our lives and we don't remember it all. Because though the life is eternal living, our body and shape are not permanent. For one life we have to undergo the changes of million forms till we reach to the last state "nirvana". So we forget who did and what. That is quite interesting sometime to think on it but how forgetful are we to forget on what we had during our breakfast and how can we remember of our past lives? But we can remember if we follow the deep practice of Bodhichhita. Say like reincarnation and Tulkus, they know everything of their past living. That is the power of Bodhichhita.

So in the thousands realm of living, using i don't remember is an excuse of being ignorance for millions of lives.  To be considered every living has an relationship of familyhood in every live, so for the connection everyone of us is related one another. By this it is not only unfair to let them suffer but also an illogical in the circle of Bodhichhita practice.

The notion of "if I alone survive then let other suffer" is the most selfish notion. Such thinking grows to our own bad karma. The very understanding of what goes will comes around. So resulting in suffering on this Samsara endlessly. In the context of Bodhichhita charyavatara; it says the Buddha got an enlightenment taking care of other. This clearly shows how it is and hint us that taking care of other is also the best way of taking care of oneself. As said karma is the only known blessing get of the God.

"We sentient being, by taking care of ourselves remain in this kind of condition, while Buddha and enlightened person by taking care of other are in the state of enlightenment. The fruit of being egotistical and selfish is to stay in samsara. The fruit of taking care of other is enlightenment". This is clearly noted by the great bodhisattva Shanti deva.

By then if we check ourselves on our thinking and action, it is obvious that we are always taking care of ourselves in every minute we step forward; we consider ourselves as important, and it appears as if we are escape from death. So knowing live is impermanent and death is certain and always winning, how to die is on our way of living.
May God bless you all