Thursday, 8 September 2016

What is literature?

"In the early billion of years consider during the big bang age literature was not known as anything.
For the other millions of years the literature has been only needed for job or employment.
And for another thousand of years the literature is considered as indeed most needed for living.
But for the coming billion of years literature will be like a human soul indispensable for lives".                                                               -Auth Sangay Tshewang

What is literature? Although the history may take us into the early centuries, the evolution of the word literature must date back to the starts of human existence. The very day of human existence is another consideration of literature starting because the uses of paintings, drawings and signs are being used for the  communication purposes. But the arrangement of the elements on the dialogue human speaks started from the early eras of Hebrews' history. From the millions of languages being used in this world by different countries, societies, religions, schools and people the first to be known as language is consider as Hebrew language. The language of Jews. From that nook of written literature, as we look into our age now we see lots of development and implementation of literature. Now to us the very word Literature comes in our mind is an art works compile by human that is provocative to another human being, so it includes all kinds of writings Like poetry, stories, essay, lyrics, books and so on.

While going in depth of literature view the each contain have its own function of conveying messages to the other human. In nutshell studies; The poetry reveals the short and sweet understanding of the scenario. Story depicts the imagination and History of yester years. Lyrics give us the tune of soul and emotion. Novel shows the creativity of the author and shorter writings news us with the different situations. These are the levels function by different genres of literature.

Most of all in general, literature has only one understanding. In common all the literature works provide immense hours of entertainment and escape from different times and situations. During the stressful days we can escape ourselves by entering into the pages of book or literature work totally going beyond the reality we doesn't like. How ever it depends on how you chose the literature genre.

So here it ends my short literature work based on my own understanding of the topic, What is literature? For the remembrance of the topic once again literature it is an art work that liberates us with its contain.