Saturday, 8 April 2017

Juno's Love

I am somewhat stuck in my game of words
Not knowing how to arrange the alphabet in line,
For how, not because i lost the trend of writings lord
But by wonder of love existing in the friendship live.

We are friend, i do admit and it is same for your feelings
We love but yes we do love each other on the hope of
And building our friendship stronger than the love-living.
But being close and best is also a danger of being best off.

I feel i am still stuck, on the truth of game i am playing.
And the truth must be revealed somehow by any means,
But who will be listening on truth? May be the words flying.
So shall the world be hearing my truth through flying winds.

 I love you Juno, but i am your friend in your mind.
You may wonder if my words reach into your ring
But now, i have no space to keep it inside my mind.
And don't ridicule Juno, i meant it with the flying wings.

My love to you, it is not the new set on this world
Some are married, with children and few are making,
And affairs out of friendship are best for this world.
So we are making best on few already been of living.

I wanna marry you, let this world know about my love,
Which i have been keeping in my secret space of heart,
With much care and respect, hidden to all i have lived.
When time left me, i bring to a surprise of your heard.

Now let the guidance know of my love to you.
Let the people of our known may know us
And let god knows about my plan about you,
So shall god above be blessing aye to us.
 I love you and marry you.