Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thank You

It is quite and simply the long days out of touch with you Tshering. Now to count on the years from today(10.4.2017) it went around two years eleven months and four days since we last contacted by phone. It was evening of course, i was going to college library to get my assignments done but your call put my phone onto my ears while i was crossing the highway of South India. Of course lots of vehicles moving but despite juxtaposing myself with vehicles, i was much interested to your call, but i didn't knew it will be our last call. Anyway thank you for that call, though it was a last call i  felt happy, at least you made a call of departure. At any time if you call now or after 80 years I will be always with the greatest smile of our love to recieve your call.

To be frank i was quite immature to handle your love, for other reason you were my first love, so it went so fast than what I thought about love. Now my first love is as same as my last love. My love to you had been in childish way so I wanna ask your pardon on my way of love. So blame me for any curse you have because I couldn't educate you much. Blame for any mistake you create, as I fail to teach you. Blame me for any tears you fall as I couldn't give you happiness and blame me for everything because I couldn't keep you on hold with me. I am the source of your suffering, so let the sin be in my goes.

And with me, though you are not in my reach i must say I am always happy. Not because you went, since when we had a last call my heart always questioned me 'why did you let her go?' I am happy because I can know your every single of undate you do with your living. So i can feel as if you are still with me. Hope Buddhas above will always bless you. My prayers are with you.

The times gone were been very beautiful with you Tshering, even i can consider extra beautiful. And for me visiting Wangdue has been like i am going for pilgrimage. To the place we spent our day hours with winds after your computer classes, and more over the  house you lived at Wangdue is now my brother renting room. You know i am sleeping in the room you slept once. And do you remember some moments of our stayed Tshering? Everyday me coming to pick and drop you,  talking more than five hours under your umbrella, and our first meet at Punakha Dzong. And while we are going Punakha do you remember your feet being blistered by your hills slippers? Hehe. I do remember.  Though I die I can't forget those memories. Thank you for that Tshering. It gives me surprise laughter sometime.
Now let me tell you. Though you got a child i am still single. You may seems like am waiting for you but to be frank, it went like that, I was waiting you. But how long can i wait? If you are not married for sure my whole living can wait but for the married girl being waiting it seems like taking out the water from river. I am so sorry Tshering to inform you that I am in love with like your character girl. To introduce you about her it is going too early to make that still just as your hint, from the far relationship of relatives she is your younger sister only.

She is as simple as you but little courageous. Kind like you, hardworking like you, simple like you but in all in my eyes when my time goes with her she is weighting more than you in every field. But don't be sad Tshering, you are the Queen to  your king, just act like queen to him. But about my relationship with your far sister is, we are not in glue tide relation, more over your sister is intelligent, she is giving me a hard time to know about love. So i thank her so much.

Now everything I learnt about love from you and my lesson from you, I am going to prove her i am the best person. And Tshering help me to make her lovable.  And you will always be my loved hidden from all pain and suffering of this mundane world but loving your sister will be  with my plan of ageing together.  Thank you for adding me memories. After all we are family.