Monday, 19 June 2017

Letter To Tubby


Dear Tubby,

I wish if you were human, I will tell you what I feel and so it is very unlucky for me to be you in the form of little lovable dog. I am so sorry i have to take a very hard decision to you. But everything you are gonna ask for reason your internal mom will gonna explain you. I just wanna say I am very sorry.

It is not that I hate you, no matter what, till I change i will love you only. But what change? To be frank i am wondering myself in and for what change i can look or go. Probably the change i am gonna get myself is I wanna find another way to love you, care you and protect you. It is quite a long to count by months loving you but still I didn't convince you. I am so sorry. Call me failure though.  But always remember I wouldn't give up so easily. I am gonna keep trying till you realise "that is really true love."

For how long? I even don't know so what I need is stay safe and takecare. When you gonna hear me again I will be better man then today. I know you will gonna need prove of me. But if i were rich I could buy you "kohinor" from the British Queen, sadly I didn't possesses that much wealth. Still if we gonna stay together i am going to show a prove you need. And now I am little afraid too if i lose you before I reveal any of my prove. So stay on waits.

Build the patient of sky, my little Tubby, think of sky, wherever clouds goes they keep good faith on waiting. And for the clouds wherever they wanders they will be in sky only. So how long we will be without contact also at last I will be around you only, stronger.

Therefore stay well and i wouldn't make your waiting too long to get you tired. Trust me. Before the winter wind ends I am gonna knock your door with the summer umbrella that protects you from rain and summer heat. So never close your little door parmenantly.

Thank you.
Love you.