Friday, 16 June 2017

The Death

It prolonged me for some times to think on how to start with it. If i run my start directly saying death is end of everything, then of course if the readers are children, they may questions me out of curiosity and wonder how short the living is for this eternal life. If not, if i start with saying it is the schedule after old age then who has lost someone in younger may put me in their disbelief. So thinking on the starts it further delayed me in summing up of the volume.

Whole day of prayers completed, dinner completed, and took the refugees to the dakinis and dharmapala to protect me from all the barriers, lastly took union of myself with dharma and Buddhas. And placed myself in the comfort of wooden pillow covering by the thin red blanket on top. When i think of time it was 10pm. Now the time to listen the radio. Of course my schedule for listening radio news is what I have recorded of 8pm details news. 

These days, quite this year, or can we be called unlucky month of this month? The news have off loaded lot of death news. Somewhat the news of pain, and rather the great lost. Might be series of one week the June month witnessed so much of grievance. So my prayers and condolence for the victims never ends. 

So, if i be more on karmic tone, the repeated case of death might be because we are not that remembrance to the death. So result in carelessness of ourselves in taking ourself to the union of Buddhas and dharma. For these, remember death and after realising nothing gonna stay forever please take refugee in the god you believe. May this world be free of suffering. 

To understand Death is the simple, if one tries to means out the meaning, i am pretty sure, death alone will have more meaning, more than double of population counts. The perfection will come up with numbers of understanding,  and the low learnt will still have idea. Nobody is not known of death. So never gonna be new. 

Still then let me share of my view on the cliche topic. And i hope if someone could read this, at least I intended to educate the readers, if fail please bear for the time i am taking with nonsense arrangements of alphabets. 

Comparatively Death is a highway to the nowhere where everyone have to walk irrespective of age and time. Though we possesses the most expensive car, building, or anything precious, when we have to walk that highway we must walk empty. Despite not of what we possess, death even don't want our body. How wonder it is to walk in such highway? So when we gonna walk that highway we gonna all be same. Without the mark of gender, rich or poor, superior or inferior, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly we gonna be all same. Only the way of how we live in this world with the beauty of dharma and compassion weights more. So the narrative of our dharma and compassion practice will help us to gain the beauty of diversion of the highway to hell or heaven. So never waste to precious time to live with the possibility of getting merits. 

Of course Death is the champion of all champions. No matter who we are, death will never have respect to spare. When the time comes he even don't care how close that the person is to us(be it our mom or dad, brother or sister, love or hate), in where, and in what time? But in the most respect of understanding way, "death is the best way to enlightenment." Without the death we wouldn't be getting enlightenment. So in the other way death help us to take in paradise, to the place of no pain, no death and no suffering.  Imagine that place and practice the step of dharma and compassion la.

In other way of understanding, no death means no birth, if this world have only birth without death, then how could this world accommodate the endless generation of living? How could the resources can sustain for the endless living? In this case be wise and feel proud because every death is the new space for birth. In other way if there is no birth than one day this world will come to end without living being. So both death the birth are mandatory. 

And there is a place where we desire to be no death but only birth. That is the paradise of Buddhas. And if you ask me where? let me be stupid by saying practice dharma and for sure you will find. 

But practicing Dharma is not easy. One must be able to find the perfect teacher, a teacher who enlightened to help sentient beings. And able to guide through the irrespective of difficulties. After all, all depends on our own efforts to suffer on dharma practice. And once you attain enlightenment means you have conquered the end of death. So practice slowly, let world be easier then your dream. 

I think i am getting late, so let me take the refugee to the cave I am sleeping. For the endless of generation until all the sentient beings attain Buddhahood in the three kayas, let me be under your protection. 

stay clean and practice well. Take union yourself with dharma and may you be always in blessed side. Buddha bless you...