Friday, 2 February 2018

Dear my Beloved Wife

"I wish I am near to your breathing." With these words I am going to express few important things that we have to remember as nearly and early we could go into our parenthood. But I do remember you are more well learnt woman in every progress of this era into our responsibility. I am just the luckiest person to be your husband under your sweetest love, care and respect. Love you to the square of infinity.

Sweetie! I wish to extend my whole hours chatting, thinking, loving, and the nearest to your warmth every day, and I wish I could keep on writing all of my love into the expression of words but these are just a wish, my beloved. Still let's hope for better world together in  living together.

Just for your cherishing mesmerisation, I am delighted to express my greatest love this whole winter vacation with you. More over into your deepest conner of heart which especially made out of love and that is specifically for me only. I wish those days were never gone from us. I love you Sweetie.  Most importantly vacation proved to be most  worthwhile because soon we are expecting the beloved soul of our shares and purposefully made out of our greatest love.

And have you ever imagined darling on few cherishing moments which are to come in near future? Like! Like all other blessed couples we are even witnessing our beloved child. And this child soon calling us Mummy and Daddy. And our child calling Grandpa and Ma for our beloved parent. How fast the thing could change this year Sweetie? So we are blessed Sweetie. Sometime going walk with our child. Sometime going for religious visit in different places with a baby on our hands. Sometime a photos with our child. I can't wait any longer hence darling for these times to come.

Although these are the best moments to come, ere it comes we should also know how to let it come as we dream. Like if you need the best harvest of apple you need to give enough time for nurturing. Like wise, for your information darling, today our soul is exactly a month old inside your golden womb. It is our baby's birthday into your womb, so from your responsible husband and caring dad let me give my warm words on our baby,

"Dear My Soul.

Before i say any word, Happy Birthday my soul. You are a month old baby today into your golden womb of beloved mother. Be safe, your mother is stronger enough to keep you safe. Hence she will not chew Doma, drink alcohol and other drugs which are ill to your health. Let you be in good condition by the blessing of God.  Let you be born as like a spring sun without any disturbance and let you be aye shining like a mountain snow of Everest. And your dad is waiting with lots of eagerness to receive you. Love you so much.

Thank you
By your beloved Dad."

And addition darling, as a whole range of care and love for both you and our child. I request you to please visit your nearest hospital for the guidance as early as you feel you can make it. Know it darling! This is our first child coming without any experience. So guidance of all round things are most important. Let's promise together to our child that by together we can welcome him with greatest happiness not by the tears while in birthing. Let's do it darling. Please visit the nearest hospital.

Apart, please refrain some drugs substances that you have been having so far. Like rotten foods, doma, alcohol or any fermented things darling. These are all irrelevant to our health and brain of our baby. The wellbeing of our baby lies into your care. In regards as reward I will help our child to pronounce his first words as mother. Just a gratitude of taking care him very nicely. With love darling.

I think I will stop hear darling. So take care and stay blessed.

Thanks by your beloved Child's father.

Love you forever.

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