Friday, 20 September 2013

Love without return

A thousand of flowers
A thousand of bees
In a school garden
Every flower with bee
Enjoying the beauty of flowers
Suddenly I snooped
A sound of grand vibration of bees
I approached near but a hallucination
Sedulously to fathom the sound
It was near to my step
The two bees are gnawing each other
I was in a daze for sometimes
Quietly answer leaked on me
Where affraying for a beautiful flower
The one big and the another small
But flower was in same rank to smaller
Forcefully the bigger one was winner
Smaller very gregarious to be with that
As I could not do anything on it
He was ostentatious in status

With extract to this point
It grits my teeth to compete on love
I know I will come to nothing
But am ridding my own rights of cupid
Still I am glued to you my dear
In the crack of dawn in the society
I was as if in the world of chaste
A hundred of mates gathered
With their great talents on culture
I refracted my sight from thousand mates
Nobody was supposed to reflect it
I continued for some days
Nobody I could find to respond
In a proceed day of blind love
A day was started by the showering rain
With the spectrum of seven lights
A peace in the mind of nature
With the seven colours grouped as one
Bringing the peace mind to all students

As usual number of mates gathered
And queued with our own grade
I looked around to know my mates
Suddenly a showering rain disappeared
A great hot yoke appeared on us
All are in tremor with impression on hot
Uphill order was our queue format
Under baking sun basking like winter sun
I looked in the front of my mates
I saw a reflecting of my sight from one girl
But in a vein not knowing who she was
Many questions aroused after and then 
Time as healer of this universe
I continued to do same
As second keeps on running
I came to know her details
Angel of my heart, ornaments of all eyes
Her blinking eyes are like of twinkling stars
Her face is as fair as crawler baby
Rosily dressing in the eyes of bees
Walking style is of drove

With thy possesses of attraction
I am glued; knife will act innocent to cut
On my sentiment of love on you
Without thou my world will be in ignorance
Yer morning smile will be my password
Towards the peace world own rights
My sight towards you is necessary
My love is anticipation of my last breath
I can’t live without your password
And can’t open the world lacking your key
That will be you who confer my key
Password to unlock my world
Love you until my last breath