Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, C

I brought this rose for thou darling

Not to weight against ye in thy loving

However there is no resemblance with yer cheeks

How finicky these petals are arranged in the store of leek?

I brought the dresses of western cultures to make ye rose

But nothing affix in yer magnificence to the pose

Redness of thy lips zilch match with that rose shade

And I brought the lips glue to formulate thou in red

Last than thy natural nil add on thy charming facade

Twinkling of yer eyes doesn't go with the gleam of that seed

In the human realms ye are not the heavenly blessed lass

Rose will be the sign of romance unless falls on the land

    I agree, roses are beautiful but are with disloyalties

    Except ye, by world ye are always with heart of loyalty

    Building the secure home for our future eternity