Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, N

Nightmare of the Saturday night stuck me at unearthly night

Sun shining from the extreme east with the spectrum of the lights

Lotus blooming from the pound you made in blessed rainy day

Parents were with great contentment along with relatives on day

Numbers of people were gathered with the long white scarf

And the people with bell drum and flute with the red scarf

Only you out of tears and great noise in one small quarter

In all you were with the tears of new life in that quarter

I saw, in my illusion of Saturday night at pre Sunday day

Eagerly waiting for the day to come with good and soothing lay

But when I awaked it was almost break time in routine

Without failed in the dream I started to call with the ears like tine 

       No respond, in total it was 20 dials from my phone a day

      But I came to knew it was your best Sunday

      With your clustered schedule on the weekend day