Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, L

Loneliness from the human heed and esteem

Taking the meaning of my own life with the team

Educating in my opinion to educate our siblings

With high possibilities of laughing where there is crying

Keeping hush in the hefty noise thinking about you

Heard were sweet but unheard are sweeter on thou

This glued me in our relation to be in strong weight

With the ever joy of respecting our own rights

So, have you ever seen a quarrel of couple?

Did you dig out the reasons of their couple?

How you feel when you see and hear their news?

And our quarrel will not be the immense and new

      But our marriage will not be based on misery slogan

      Achieving of happy family is our catchphrase to gain    

     The true value on happiness will be from our giant


Giant- somebody whose talents or achievements are particularly outstanding

Team- group