Friday, 20 September 2013

Change with me

All the emptied trees are again with buds
All the leafless flowers are with blossomed
All the dry grasses are with dark green
Bees are again around the blossomed trees
In all it is a spring again count by season
The spring shifted from the winter
Winter from the season of autumn
The autumn shifted from the summer
And the summer from the spring  
In all they are four wonders of earth.
The year change by the 1st January
And my age by the end of February
But I don’t need either one to change.
Your love can change me all my ways
I can be simple more I than do
I can be the moral all than other
But your loves can just me ever.
My changes depend on your changes
But how I can change you
Your loves are all on silver spoon
That I am not born on it
I do not have even a wooden
But am used to with my hand feeding
All are to reach food to mouth
All silver spoon, you desire
Even wooden spoon I have is useless
When we turn into the fate ashes
Who will take after a war of our doom?
Buy my hand, I should take with me
I know you love dollar much
But I don’t have chetrum too.
Only love I have given to you
And always heartwarming on you
I have a mind of yuppifying
Happiness is yours aimed;
Sadness is also not my cache dream
I too promise your happiness
And am addicted to all sadness
But these are all our karmic based.
Now are you ready to change?
Think and change today why I love you?
Not winter is cold and in need of blanket
Never that spring is virgin and love of nectar
Autumn is empty and I am in emptiness
It is not summer is rainy and need of umbrella
All are my desires of love like on queen moon
Mother Teresa loved weak and poor
You love rich and strong nothing distinction
She had been great and during her breath
You are trying to be the greatest
Strong and rich all can have it at once
But time I need is healer I respect  

Now change with me to change world