Friday, 20 September 2013

Love, so as to hopeless

My heart began to thrash more rapidly than the customary
My eyes began to twinkle like a star of unearthly night
My tongue started to be dynamic like snake pepping on food
My mind experienced as if I was in callow’s o’ seventh haven    
In all, my Cupid was in search o’ psyche
From the midst o’ flowers bed of human beauties

 The day was started by the morning dawn
With the full of flowers blossomed in the rosily garden
Lights were luminously shining from the rosy backyard 
A aged man came and unsympathetically severed
From middle of the blossomed flowers to offer for god
Bees are gnawing to protect the man from destroying it
Good morning friend, wishing mess up the scene of nature

Love, love everywhere verbal communication,
‘Twist the ears of thee and mine too
What is love in the genuine meaning?
Definitely from the east answer will be beauty,
 As early rays valued them the meaning o’ beauty
From the west they will focus on wealth
Because beauty sound less to them
The northern race will never forget to love
 On the nature with great sound in hospitality
But southern favor for intelligentsia
The human good in social net working
In all, my Cupid seems to be from the east
 As beauty sounds great for me in my blindness

 Logically gifted phenomenon to all creatures,
Except assortment should be agreed by individual
The girl with possession o’ cat walks,
Sun flowerily dressed and rich is my decision.
Nix meander to set up such alumna in discipline,
 Zilch ramble to find rooster without fowl
Where at hand blossom is present,
Certainly roaming bee will be in reverberation
One, two, and weeks are walloping her in my mind.
Progressively, world belongs to me and to boot
Love has clout o’er time, glasses over eyes
Passion and patient to the antagonism

Love doesn’t have contemplation
On being from different realms
Mutually the poles are confined
 There is world to be in togetherness
Moment in time o’ love will be beyond
From the psyche’s o’ this realistic world
 Mind with the windows o’ such questions
 And doubt strikes with me in my lost
Really love is rooted in my heart with Cupid
 But time is healer, nobody teach me
Unless the lesson screamed on me
‘Thee’ if I complain, but if “ts a case of detain
 ‘I’ will definitely go under the cage
But ere I get under the cage,
 World should just me as my side and
Human should cry for my impression
And god should speak truth to all
If I die under the cage of protection
 My story does not end here,
I will come back from the hell
By vocalizing the truth to the doom-god
Ye‘re not what I think for from yer first sight
I thought ye‘re the sunshine daughter for me
Nevertheless expectation is beyond thy ken
Desire of my love is not what ye have rooted  
Love is what itself doesn’t know the meaning

Time came and it instant me to share
Love given to you is a ‘’love, so as to hopeless’’
Seconds left to see on me and opening cage is near
Ere I get into the cage of love
Slipup at this moment world belongs to me
God can’t do anything for me;
 My love is beyond his blessing
Time is known for me to speak instead of him
To youth-like with me on root of love
         Don’t love the girls, born from the silver spoon,
         Take a time to discern her secret wisdom of love
         Know no roosters are left without hen
         Don’t love the girls from yer first glance       
 Love is blind, when thou‘re blind,
You are blind when ye love from thy first sight.
Adieu, adieu to all and farewell to ye all,
Cage is what I am destined by karma
I should go; it is my last blessing,
If doom-god feels pretty on my genuineness
 I will be coming back with Striking of lightings
Followed by sound of happiness in thunder,
 Movement of cloud will be seen on ocean
Along with its fast movement of waves 
When you are going for recreation,
Smile all I will stand near to thee from yer back.
Hello! Who am I? Hell is full of death,
 Death is all due to end of life, 
 Am send back to earth just for
To continue my works and educate on, love is????


Customary- normal
 Cupid- god of love, blind and believed to have in the position of shooting arrow
 Reverberation- sound
Doom-god- god of death
Psyche- girl love by god, and believe that she will not die
Silver spoon- born from rich background

 Dynamic- energetic and full of life