Monday, 23 September 2013

Lovenet, U

From the yearning of your parent, ye came as a godly daughter

Giving a respect on your life, without fail enrolled in learning centre

When you scream for yer beautiful stuffs in hub of the shop

In credit of your glee they had agreed you with great hope

They have given you a best education encouraging your failure

But your fate shows the end of your journey further

Now how can you tribute your parents? 

With this daze, I came as liable person to tribute yer rents

Nevertheless it is yer privileges to egg on me with all yer times

I suppose, I can come to the end of my life without yer tame

If you find more kinder than my love in this world of human realms

And your time being love in my heart will be my reminiscent beam 

     But the pain of yer love is eternal in my heart

    And going to be forever on this paper to the earth

     Explaining the misery of love to the world of their Arts