Friday, 20 September 2013

Ode To A Drove

 Mind flew over the pearl less of romance
Crossing the range of Himalayas and peak of mts Everest
Carcass left on the distance of thousand miles surface
Listening to the tutor senselessly in jam-packed rest
Eyes keep on watching for the gestures in the cage of equality
Senses beyond the blue-white-dark and transparent sky of India
Drove, drove, drove, symbol of love, romance and tranquility
Lesson inside the class of tourism with the syllabus idea
O for the sake of attendance and record of good I am here
Ye are the one who took my mind over the sky of blue there
Carcass uselessly like a scarecrow with crows near

Flying all over the sky like a planter on his field in noon
Returning to the home tirelessly with the scoop on his back
 Is there marathon to go for queen moon?
If not why are you always over me? Up upon the sky of black
why you are not taking rest? Bodhi-tree is there as like trains
I can also help but know your reason of flying in your lives
O! We are chasing by the hefty monsoon rain
Hide under the hospitality of the great oak tree leaves
Wow! Beauty of the senseless tree with season  fruits
Needless to say, but safe my hunger by its fruits
This tree is kind enough than the human truth

Indebted to mom giving life and for you giving me the home of comfort
Like a modern IT garden, this is more secure than the human domicile
But what we can do if cruel creature comes and cut you for their fort
I can’t do anything; and human will be gazing with smile
So this is my responsibility to save you in this world of patriarchal
Sky over the boundary of India, Bhutan is there a tiny land lock realm
Like a fulcrum of two big sub continents of the world with patrilinael
Ere  I die I’ll try the best to swell yer seed all over the human beams
First to the Bhutan and then sky so whole world will gaze like a posture
Tourism will develop in this world with the great exposure
Giving the life and taking the suffering of jobless creatures
World will develop the sense of happiness
All will follow our model and start to build up in teamwork
Definitely world will get the idea of gross national happiness
World will be the secure place to walk
With the partner of their own choice
Realms of animal will also be in the world of perfection
With the strong bound of love through their means of noise
Then world will realize its dream ‘one nation’ with protection
Problem of tears will be in the subject of dream
But whose idea is that for the realms of happiness gleam
Both of us, the result of our solidarity over the sky of all grim
O! When you are going back, pass my message to Tshering
She will be in the middle of school inside the bank of books
Counting the books of school with the scholar cheering
Short, thin and smiling is her first appearance looks
Cats’ walks, and rosily dresses were her standards of living
Go and meet her when the sun is on the people’s head
Take her from the school to the place of her dwelling
Share the words of love, and share your hand
She will not respond you but give my details of existing
Naturally she will share her tears with love tales of missing
Don’t wipe it, it belongs to me oh! again  it is raining

This rain belongs to me to veil my tears
I know Tshering you are crying there
Miles distance between us was arranged by divinity
Our love will be still there in glued so show our humanity
Love you; we will be the last couple of the old world

Tshering- lover name/ name of the person
Bodhi-tree- tree in which lord Buddha got enlightenment
Gleam- shines brightly
Patriarchal- world rule by men/ men are powerful
Patrilinael- lineage passes through father to son
Human beams- happiness, smiling and etc