Tuesday, 12 November 2013


(Life is only two days “birthday and death day”)
The day has been significant for you
Where yer breathing started by today’s date
You came with great chuckles on yer mouth
When yer mom rolled the tears of satisfaction
Despite her great pain on your birth
The neighbours had been tiring on that day
Preparing for the day to welcome you in this world
Yer father had been worried on your lives
With the love to yer mom indistinguishably  
Today is the day where you drink yer tears
And step a pebble forward in your age
This day belongs to you because this is your “birthday”
But time belongs to us to wish you “happy birthday”

The sun will excel inside your poor heart
With the radiant of lights from the watery land
Tales may remember in the heart of yer poor mom
How you grasp into the new world
A chronicle of great pain may share by yer dad
By this may laughter will be the humor in your family
But satire of laughter is to veil from the tears of suffering
 To the queen of your folks, your “hallowed mom”
Cheer her first for life itself then giving you a life
And last for being your tears of suffering

This is your birthday
A day given by the divine to celebrate with thy new age
To acknowledge the pain from every world and
To enjoy the happiness of every moment in your lives
Hail the sting of yer mom and share the bliss of this world
Tribute her for the wonderful care and support in every step
And by the moment your mom might be in cool
But inside she will be thinking the day of your blood
Where the melancholy of past may bring the tears today
And this is not the tears of misery but a water of prayer
For your happy living from the heart of your queen
The significant day of today, it belongs to you
And world for us to make merry on your new age
Light the candle of your birthday
 That gives the brightness to the whole world
Play the synchronizing songs of cymbal
That touches the heart of nightingale
Enjoy the day with cheers on yourself
Let the world belongs to you with rooted happiness
With the battle of great success in every dispute
I, me, from the corner of your heart
Wish from the wishes on your day
 Happy returns with the everlastingly peace,
Happiness and love in your lives of two days activities
“Happy birthday” in my world my mistress