Monday, 10 February 2014

Season in my heart

I wish it is a season of where the flowers are blooming
With the blossoms everywhere in my place too-
Choosing from the beautifulness of its beauties
I will give the most beautiful one in the sake of my love;
That has a sentiment from the gods and by butterflies
I will give it to you to express my love is rare
If I were blessed to choose the season of my heart
I prefer the season that has more heats
That can send us to swim in cool water
And I will swim with you and express my love in pool
I desire to have a season of chilly wind in my calm day
That can blow out the leaves from its’ tree slowly in huge
I can take you there and wanna play with catching leaves-
And want to share my love in depth autumn
When I am with you I wish the season to be with too cold
Cold that can bring the snow on our door steps
When snow keeps on falling we will sleep till the mid day-
Under the huge blanket holding you lovely
And want to keep thou with me ever under my blanket
Sharing my love in depth of cold season
If I want to propose you I wish to have spring
Because I can give you the flowers of your eyes
If you want to see my help choose your hot season
I will take you to pool and swim with you
If I wanna share my love I opt for autumn
Because it will give me more emotion to share my love
If I want to marry you I prefer the season of winter
And I will be sleeping with you ever on your warmth
All seasons are equally vital for me to be loved
And to share my love every seasons are all needed
In all they are seasons in my heart