Friday, 14 March 2014

Bright Moon

On your head the Bright Moon shone
Where I can weigh against thy arts of beauties
Not in unaided hung up on the sky of prone
Watching aye to the world from distant
Love passions from my world seeing on you
Night went out of sleeping with your world
Crossing the miles of thousands length
I came to meet you under bright moon
No light to brighten the world in more
Respecting the nature’s patient on us
I came here by your love current in swing
Arrange me the soften pillow of your fairness
Cover both by the cozy alleviate blanket
Give me the chance to love your ripen breast
To feel the eve of our togetherness starts
Conscious for ever in the sweet of unrest flow
Tranquil to hear the tired breath from both
And live on joy ere martyr comes on faint death