Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Transparent girl

May be too fast to arrive
Arrive for the next period
For the existing period
The transparent girl was late
Not badly late
She was better than absent
Smile like on her decent
Gave the room for one silent
 Peace inside the one silent
One silent, forever silent she made

Transparent girl
Came with her transparent dress astral
Water bottle on her sinistral
Lip balm on her dextral with hankie
Flowerily hill on sandals
Making her secondly tall on hill
Contesting the world of model
One silent, forever silent she made                    

Transparent girl
Rooted in my transparent heart
By her transparent dress leveled
The poor passion on my parts
From my transparent world
Want to share transparent words
May be “I love you” in your nature
Make it transparent to my heart further
Ere your “hate” dark poke on my face
Leave the world you wanted to race
Transparent girl, will be my transparent ever