Friday, 28 March 2014

What you want me to become?

My mother wants me to become Good Civil Servant
That can earns me with sufficient remuneration
Make me proud in front of many other livings
And wanted me to help them and my younger 
Which I dream though I can’t accomplish her dream
My relative wants me to become Police Officer
So they desire to reduce the drastic problem of crime deals
They wanted this world to be peace place for living
Without the bulletins of any thread on human living
Which I desire from the world of all human to help our officer
My friend wants me to become teacher
Where they wanted me to share my advices to present youth
Making all youth into prolific one in their living from then
Without the crisis of youth criminals on this world
Outliving the hopes of our beloved old leaders

When all wants me to become on their own ambition
What you want me to be converted into my live?
But I want to become no one from their ambitions
Life is full of stories I want to write it all
Life is full of happiness and sadness I want to write poem
Life is full of events I want to play with words of play and drama
In simple I want to become poet, novelist and playwright