Saturday, 26 April 2014

Purpose of love is its purpose.

Mundane I observed when I saw my dusk
Under the brightness of milk cup from east
Nothingness to the world of lives’ battles
Aye with the pain of loneliness in my moor
Kinder I saw myself but less kindness to other
Heart I got with love but zero to its purpose
Away from the sense of love to beauties love
Reminisces from the day of your love on me
Eternal I felt on my sense of breathing nerve
Loneliness I’d deleted from my lonely heart  
Ignorant I dump on my well of poor simplicity
Living with the miracle of cupid I learnt from it
Outlive for the ply of the love I can give you
Vision I can create to the mission of my life
Everything contains will be my penned words
Yawning from the blind love to the aged love
On the beauty of love on your heart and soul
Unchangeable I vow it lies on yer faith of fate.