Monday, 20 October 2014

4. Parabolic Potery

The Death

Every starting has it's ending
and every ending has it's own reason
Every reason will be based on good or bad
Base on two, history will will keep their accounts.
But end we see is not the last ending.
After the every end, new starting is in uncertain date
Like a end, death is the end of our life
Be it bloodshed or peace in death, rebirth is for sure.

Aged or young it doesn't have any guarantee
Based on the lotary of god we have to go
No matter how we are in the power to rule
Even our parental prestige can't prolong it
Buddha had deceased just to show one truth-
"No one will be eternal, even the enlightened being"
But the way we live today is the key of our next life.

Heaven after the death
A eternal home of every living
A peaceful home of every dream
with eternal life of everlasting blessing
But it is a home for only good dwellers
Those who follows the "Eight Fold Path"
Believes in the "Four Noble Truth" and
Who loves the living of other livings.

No one will see the heaven on this earth nor hell-
Even enlightened one can't do that'
the one we do is we can hear  about it,
despite the immaturity of living age.
But after your death on the first vision,
Heaven and hell are the first creatures to see
From the center of diversion road to two.

Hell after the death
A land of suffering for the sinners
A revenge for the bad actions while on the earth
No way to escape till the last day of their satisfaction,
Everything will be according to our bad deed today
The more we have done sin the more will be our suffering.
The less we focus on bad, lesser will be the punishment after death.

Earth the land of innocent'
we live with peace dream-
But with suffering actions of the evils
Gods are made puppet and
Their words are making as platitudes
What we are not supposed to do
Is like what we should do,
Truth says love as a brotherhood to all
But we like to make more enemy as we could.
Parabolic in the way to death from living-and
Hell and heaven are the two to go after our death
Accordingly to the work we do today.