Friday, 24 October 2014

5. Parabolic Potery

The Love

The love is in eyes- some says,
It is also in mouth with speech
sometimes it is with emotion,
After all it is expression of own feelings.
One feeling with the absent of fault'
on the destination of our love.

We love, we share but more will be unwritten,
With the false speech of mouth
sometime leads to the combination of lives
Truly that is love but not with the feelings of love.
Love should be from our heart not by senses_
connected with the thinking of our mind.
Speech from the mouth is just a mediator
And expression from the eyes as a signal of love
But what the love lead today is-
not really a love with sense of respect for love.

Love is sometime a jewel of youth
but it also exists in the autumn age
No matter who fall in love
It must be with the aim of making peace
Then to the culture of happiness.
Now time has changed with the principles of love
Starting of love is same with great affection 
But its record will be for a month or twice

Love has created a new world
Sucide, druggest and social screaming.
Are these the destinations of our love?
if not then why we should love?
love should be the moment of love forever;
it should carry the message of happiness
it must create the memories of young-
With the tune of love in marriage, But-
On the present world of love nobody desires to live.
Even the lovers. But are unconditionally force to dwell.
Parabolic in the meaning of love with love we give and-
to the result of love we get in returns from the love.
In the optimum point of parabolic shape
message i wish is "Do not fall in love,
If you are not capable of giving happiness:
To your life and the others you have disturbed".