Wednesday, 12 November 2014

October never end

The sun that shines from the east has an ending into the west
Every month starts by the date one has its own ending at thirties
For the child borne today will sure have a death day after present
And the world created in the undated has its ending at undue date.
For the every starting we can hope for the ending day
Be it good or bad, both are the ending by the result lay
‘Good’ the day of cheering that creates the memory
And the ‘bad’ that creates the mistake on the gone days
What is the emotion that human are having?
For the good cherish and for the bad showering of tears.
We do not know what life is?
And we never know what result is?
Good and bad, both the temporal feelings
And success and failure both are the results of own hard work.  
For the rays setting in the west is enemy.
For the life of second, death is the greatest enemy.
For the feeling of love break is the saddest memory
And for the interesting day time limit is the greatest moment.  
But for October it doesn’t have end.
The soul is for the permanent wanders
October is the day of starting for more,
Where the new love kick off from my heart_
People are fighting for the freedom and-
From October my mind never end the hope on freedom.
Unless the human of this earth ends in blood
The hope of one’s freedom will never die.
And with them my soul ever ends bringing freedom,
For the death love who dead in the war of freedom.
October ended but I am still on the October
The winter was begun but I am still in autumn
Counting the falling leaves of autumn wilt
And will never stop till the new starts of spring
From the spring hope of growing new leaves
And falling new leaves will never end, “cycle”.
For the freedom, old will go but new will continue.
From the October month, new generation will come
Generation will with keeping the spirit of old.
From the ends, October will never have ends.