Thursday, 3 March 2016

22 Lossage, ii

Time the greatest order of the all beats,                                
And the worst enemy of the happiest beats-
so the enemy of my beats too
Due, no word is share that to be shared.
And yes! i had a time of meeting
but that wasn't enough i felt as i saw angel,
Many seconds, few hours and some days i had.
These were not enough as sage flows
and i have to bring trust instead with her.
Believe, i could believe her then,
she has shown her empathy  on;
On the words of my few days though
But what if i had a years? may be the more year?
That could reveal the future of my dream.
Will she be mine ever? or-
Will she just feel the same of all lover's words?
No, i doubt! but i am certain sort on the words i play
Mine was the best of love from all of her planner.
As she had given me the hope of the strongest shelter-
with the subjects of her her love, purity and innocent.
And fulfill the love, had in the dream of my hundred nights.
So shall i be the one of lucky men waiting for summer.