Thursday, 3 March 2016

22 Lossage, iv

There's a gap in a place we meet.                                              
Where i confess and you reveal
about the nature we belongs to
and that change into "no gap"
by the arrangement of word 'love'
and it brought us to the same empathy
Sameness by the concentration of our heart.
And the hope of same bed till our carcass.
-of course no gap, but the gap we see-
In the origin of different family
The gap of the different village
The gap of the different sex
The gap of different level in our education
And the gap of our thinking indeed.
But certainly the time heal to see 'no gap on it'
By the arrow of same target.
and that target is the hope of our future.
The future of all reign last to be together.
The future of love.
The future of peace
The future of marital and our family.
And will the cupid bless as to hope for more though.