Sunday, 6 March 2016

22 Lossage, vi

I suppose, i were a blind for the year,
may be the deaf i feel sometime-
so that i could make myself dumb
And the sense of nose i can use
Just to smell your best aroma,
Without the desire, you think as sin-
May be because i may be your sinner.
But blessing of god blessed me more-
Given with the best sense i do feel and object-
Arranging me with the wonderful karma,
Taking all the way i walk to safe.
And saving me from the sins i do bad.
The best i can think, best i meet with you.
That is the best of all i must like,
And the gift i got from my god of believe{religion}
For, nothing i have to scare or- need not have to-
build the sense of exception in your Karma.
Thousand and hours i will wait to say "i love you",
You are the best i could love with my-best.
Giving the love i sense of peace and happiness-
So never make me senseless of Mr. Love
And you are the gift i receive from the god i trust.