Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 Lossage, xiii

If my eyes can make a vision beyond the mountain betwixt us,
I would have known every step you take-without miss
But despite reaching beyond the mountain, -considers enemy.
It is hard to reach even the clear sight of the few tens miles.
When beauty lies beyond mountain, i see no use of the eyes.
Eyes-all are lie as we see, in short understanding of its sense.
Even the greatest liar of all senses we have, without hope.
And the sense that doesn't have eyes, just to see,
Fulfill the task done by eyes, and weights more. So the-
believe of my mind to consider, it never take me to hopeless.
Though the eyes focus on lie, my mind never deceive me like.
Did i think of becoming blind? No!, certainly not.
I have to cross the barriers of my way to reach thou.
So, do it clear that way of my legs, way of love so easy.
But of my mind, so clever of senses- in all round of focus
No matter, how hard i am with my time,
Still, he manage to pin on you for a time he wish,
In a place, period, he consider he is missing you.
Not on the beauties you got by your chemical-
lovely as you see, see by him in the darkness of rays,
No matter how strong the sun may be in lightening,
Promise me you will never fade away from my light.