Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 Lossage, xiv

To be believed in love,  i have no space too,
Not because i don't have love or cupid,
As you do, i too have to love for same,
Except- i don't believe in it as short,
A year back, i remembered it,
A day with love, same as described in stories
But where is my love now? and who fade away?
No, i didn't do or chase her away.
I have always loved to be with Ms. love
So love pull me down to the narrow world.
And do i need to believe in love? what say you?
Never-too  lost, i had a hope that day.
The best thing to have when you have nothing,
The hope of finding one, one day.
That hope never loose, even for a day.
And now i have a new plan on new find
Not a love but how about calling you a wife?
That is more secure to sustain than being in love,
more comfort to share the plan we have,-secret to,
So shall we nurture eachother on the plan we makes,
And will that threaten you to say, "make me a home",
 i shall be a hero of making it to you a best place i do.