Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 Lossage, xv

The live wouldn't have been without life,
Life wouldn't have been without our body{form}
Learn more- which one is important rather one,
But impossible is to think on it, "without this world-earth".
So-lets thank all the blessing we have,
Supposedly, live and life should come aye together,
And no doubt, life and body as same.
But the difference we have is our Karma,
consider as a creator of our forms and beauty.
So lets make the best together, to make good karma.
That make the future of living best from all we see best.
Breathing well in every second is not the best living,
eating every food, best of all isn't the point of rich living,
And dressing colourful is also not a smart living,
everything we do we are the spoiler of our nature,
So it never create the best karma of your living.
The best we can believe in is Compassion,
Good karma resulting in good living we get.
Source from empathy, sympathy, compassion and action,
considering the karma, shall we be together, creating future,
making the world more educated on the relationship subject-
Showing the mutual love in the couple through our togetherness.