Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 Lossage, xvi

If we look upon the beauties of this world,
one can not count on seeing it,
everything we see, we smell, hear are best,
But the beauty of sun is different.
Shinning alone, moving alone on its own world,
no bother of anyone, it shines every morning,
giving every living the rays of joys to pry.
clearing the darkness of the darkest world.
So could there be any one who never love sun?
Think about its colour, you might not see apart.
focus on it, every colour is the result ofthe sun.
Without sun we could not have beem seen any colour.
Darkness have only one colour, and a black.
How lovely does we see in sun that we never express.
Think of it on birds, rising in the dew.
Catching the beauties of early morning rays.
So have you ever woke up in the morning sunshine?
to just feel the breeze of how dew fly on the rays,
Or can i be the first to take you to the wall of sun?
But nothing difference on your beauties with sun,
thou, yourself is the sun, lightning the world of one,
i know to know, you are the magic like sun for me,
{like sun like-one is to one}