Wednesday, 13 April 2016

22 Lossage, xviii

I was the man, who search for the most beautiful star at night,
when selection doesn't work, i found the moon as i dream,
Nearest, shinning with brightest chilling breezes over darkness.
If i would have been found with one star, the star of most love
i would have been mistaken in the sense i felt on loves.
Like i dreamt for beautiful star, once i dreams for the lady-
i wondered when i would finish counting on it,
despite getting the one as a desire by the view of loves
Been a great task to fathom on women's world.
Certainly i stalked, but i got without a lot wander on,
Infront of my nose- roaming like a queen of dream awaken.
Simple-shining by the colour of core beauties, like a moon like,
Like a dream i dream for, so shall the dream come faster,
And the choice of dream wasn't bad for my reality,
That wasn't her or she as i touch thou with my lines
That wasn't a miss world nor a miss city even a queen bee,
But simple country woman-from the country style,
Brought up with the blood of love itself, so that can be-
Still be the shock of this world in all comparison.
Like the love for moon she got a love of thousand eyes,
From the pairs one awaits the most, And who ever that girl refers-
By the line of love, That girl is "Thou"met in the winter tale.