Monday, 30 January 2017

Words of the Heart

Come on! The flow of spoken words,
Spontaneous to the end of origin
And the unseen teasure of the mouth
But will of the wings, 'Heart the hero'
Simply the name-bluff, due for unanswered
As the source of spoken words are unsung.

Oh! Words of the heart, millions-
Unknown, unwritten and not feathered
Singing without the tune for, and-
Dancing without the music beats
Deep inside the unknown hall,
Just with the eagerness of every human.

Speak it! Let it be finished
Finish! I doubt even all resources dry
Words of the heart finds for the ears.
For the deaf, louder by the way
By dumb, sings with the sign
So shall the beauty of heart never fails.

Words of the heart! And of my heart-
Nearer i get, towards your warmth
The pain of shiver i creates inside,
Power of the heart dissolves under shy
And the university of words scattered,
So i mute only with the beats of heart.

Breathing with the tune, heard by ear
Louder then the cracks of thunder
But the words of wisdom lies strong
Untill i share my last remaining words
Loud to thy heart, and develop the empathy
That builds me the home inside your heart.

And shall i aim for better lives
Dwell by nobody's love and care
And shall be the best to be followed
By the thousand hearts of human
And we will be the god of love-
Teaching the meaning of words inside:
'I love you' the words of my heart for thee.