Know About Me

I was the baby borne without the care of Father. When the time reached i was sent to school by my mom and became student.  I was the student who never failed but also never a topper. I was the student who never got even a pass mark in math subject but was been a sharp in brain calculation in the topic absent of alphabets in number place, If i were to remembered my highest math mark scored of my schooling it would be 26 in class Ten. When the age grows up and education lesson more i am presently a college student, Studying in the Field of humanities.    I was the man who dreamt of becoming Lawyer but i lost it. Now i am a man who have a patient to write and when patient becomes passion i have a dream of becoming Author. Soon i can do that.So before i go with the name of Author i am a simple journalist who comes up with literature contribution to the net. If you find me don't forget my name. keep counting the days, one day i will become your icon.
By- Sangay Tshewang