Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, B

Not a psyche nor an angel or a goddess

Does my lover have in her loveliness?

I desire to have my consort like angel

But she is a secular o’ chic from any angle

I prefer the heart o’ my lover that o’ goddess

By the less her mind lacks in the end goodness

Like a psyche for the cupid in his intangible heart

I want my lover to be immortal with me in my cart

Other than, our living lives o’ all livings are not eternal

We cannot verbal the last destination of human natural

Certainly death is like a shadow in one’s hypnotists

But why i find irresistible for her to the love hypothesis

     Psyche, angel and goddess are the beauty's wonders 

     But am not a Endymion so my love don’t want to wander

     And I shall not create the history of love blunder  


Endymion- handsome man loved by the moon goddess Selene