Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, R

My mistress, be the Queen of my heart

Having the great power like a British Queen on earth

Rule me; rule my wits when I am with your reservation

Speak me the truth of your realism without hesitation

So that, let’s cement our relation in love further

For the happiness of our unseen nearing future

Share me the pain from our distances of love

From the pain tell me the real meaning of your love

This is not beyond your ken to respond on my suspicion

I believe you will share with the great thud of your elation

But what shell I do if you slump my anticipation

Where this poor lovenet will stand with full of humiliations

      So before we stand on the world of humorous

      I promised, my world will be full of your glowing rose

     Till the world end in the last kismet day of karmic trust