Saturday, 21 September 2013

lovenet, T

Everything on you is my treasure at very moment of loneliness

Place beneath the broken heart thinks on your emptiness

To hide from the threats of treachery in our relation

I made myself visor with all the bliss of human dominions

The smile from your face is the reflection of my treasure

That can sparkle for my complete life bestowing all my pleasures

The tears from your eyes are my blessed water to veil my grimes

Grimes that creates the gap of misunderstanding in human rims

These are my out most expression of my love to you

But I don’t know how it would be conveying in thou

Winning from all the doubts of your illusions on faith

Making the free-doubt couple of the era to the fate

     Love is only unseen but expressed in thousand ways

     Giving the maximum times on your emotion to say

      Yer return of my love is wish to be like Mediterranean bay


-Mediterranean bay- ever green tree with aromatic leaves