Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, O

Open the window of your mind to the next world

Look at the lives they are dwelling in their own work

Tell me something that you dare, my dear mistress!

The things going to miss when you are with my stress 

Give me the perfect world that thou choose to live

I will try to attain it with a slogan throughout my life

Before I leave this universe by my sad doom

And world scream from their heart on me at high hum

But don’t ask me more than the human existence

I can’t get you star from the sky of far distance

I can’t build you a building in the core of atmosphere

And don’t expect the house beneath the hydrosphere

     But this peaceful world of love belongs to us

     To choose our peaceful live we can keep on focus

     And whole world will be gazing on our love of lust