Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gross National Happiness

life came into light from the Eve story
from the Eve brotherhood begun to developed
as time keep on rolling world started to be divided
struggling for the border demarcation
since now history fought for the second world war,
but it doesn't end here in the last chapter of text
countries are still fighting for the duty of nation
but in the midst of struggling in the bloody camp
hypothesis of Bhutan came to alive
rises in the sky of world in icon
by the smiling features of legendary kings
people with tremendous brotherhood from
extreme south to north and west to east
with deep rooted of Buddhism in their mind
but new era of Bhutan got  chapter to be added
1972 it was the darkest twilight year for Bhutanese
where progressing country left the power
On the reign for the young prince by the 3rd king
seems Bhutan will be in the land for cynics
but people kept a strong faith on throne
Crown of young king like they deed for forebears
with the peerless focuses on nation by young king
the philosophy of GNH became the fundamental guide
with the life focus on it by nation ushered by king
now country became the land of happiness to the world
passing the news of happiness over the head
four pillars to lift the nation on the sky of all countries
happiness is human right from our birth
but it was condemned by the human duty
world richest is not the world happiest
with the richest duty exist more
More than happiness to keep secure of his richness
but happiness comes from bringing up the fame
The fame of weak and poor with rich and strong
this is how Bhutan became the land of happiness...
if GDP rules the world economy,
GNH will be the guide for leaders on the earth