Monday, 2 December 2013

Dauntless Mind

Taking the gun from their arsenal
Wearing the barret and jersey
With the great hope on their mind
Went to Whitefield to put their ply
Voice from the heart of bravery
Means of clearing all the way to their aim
By heals changing the old clouds into black
Crossing the nearest moor of their step
Following the feathers of Lieutenant
Obeying the map of their own heart
Went for the battle of “do or die”
Counting the sound of their bullets
Gained the courage to take another battle
Battle of the blood and merciless
Hunting for a new running adversary
Reimbursing the camp of rival into tranquility
Bracing the flag of the winner to the sky
And “Yangnas” to all the deities of their war
Celebrating the mind of dauntless
From the nation salutes to their effort
Gathering the hands from all citizens
Praying for the heart of their dauntless