Saturday, 8 November 2014

Challenge for Love

The returns of love have proven the living we are-
When reply doesn’t matches with our expectation,
From the end of our own love like in unwritten words:
know the expression from unknown and- 
On the love, give the challenge for love in seldom.
That dries the hatred of your love,
And create the sense of regret for your elimination.
Let your target to know your beauties,
Beyond the ground of your ugliness-
And show her your ugliness as a beauty of whole world.
Challenge for love; take a challenge for its meaning,
Speak frankly and ease the lies you shine inside,
Forget the physical beauties and focus on your cleanness-
They way to become smart is in the path of thy cleanliness.
Hate the hates you have and develop the love out of your hate.
In the moment of depth loneliness-
Your enemy will have a chance of accompanying you.
Develop the love of humanity and respect the thing you see,
Appreciating other will also be in the heart of your lover.
Never cheat yourself than you will find the path of being social,
Love from the societies will weight you more than your lover.
Help others in a place they can’t help you back,
For them your heart will never dies even after your death.
Take it as a challenge and change yourself,
If you are unsatisfied with the same love,
Explain the meaning of love without her,
Your ugliness will be your smartness at a cost.
After all what is love?
It is not connected with money,
or with the price of gold.
It is not related with parents nor will not be relatives.
What the love seek is for blind love.
We are not free from our own fault!
Every fault has its own hate-
How can be the love for someone eternal?
When our body is not for permanent to dwell.